The Allyship Project- ARTIVISM Group Project Workshop

The Allyship Project- ARTIVISM Group Project Workshop

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Art + Activism= ARTIVISM

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$35.00 per session

at The American Indian Community House 

All Materials provided!

This is a 3-hour workshop session exploring Multi-media art tools, materials and techniques. These sessions include Native American perspectives on Politics, sustainability and justice from the past to present looking into the future. Meaningful dialogue and expression sorted in a creative way. Idea's, concerns and affirmations formed into art. 

From individual to collaborative group works, create pieces that will be showcased at AICH NYC community events. 

The piece you see in the picture was created by the women you see. The work is halfway done here, they eventually added a beaded Tree of Peace and beaded dresses. They along with Iakowine' worked together to form and storm ideas into this wonderful creation that was featured at The AICH Social at the Whitney Museum.  

Be part of the movement, join the #AllyshipProject today. The new stream of sessions starting soon. Limited to 8 students maximum.