*TBA* Workshop-Natural Dyeing with Locally Foraged Indigenous Plants

*TBA* Workshop-Natural Dyeing with Locally Foraged Indigenous Plants

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Textile Workshop:                                                                                           Natural Dyeing with Locally Foraged Indigenous Plants to the North East

Facilitator: Amber Harkonen, FIT 2018 Honourable Alumni, Textile Development

Location:                                                                                                          The American Indian Community House                                                          39 Eldridge Street, 4th floor, New York, NY 10002

Special Thanks to:
The American Indian Community House; IakowiNe Oakes

For centuries indigenous peoples have been exploring the world of plants and flowers, perfecting methods of deriving color and medicine from the natural world. This workshop invites participants to step back in time and discover local, wild foraged plant materials and examine how they can apply color to textiles. Using Goldenrod, Sumac, Cleavers and Purple Loosestrife we will play with a range of color and dyeing techniques and discuss the locations in nature and the historical uses of each plant.

Participants will also learn how to prepare their fiber for dyeing, derive color from plants that can be found all around us and apply special dyeing techniques to create hand-made, one of a kind pieces! We will touch upon the ancient and unique dyeing techniques of Japanese Shibori, bundle dyeing and other surface dyeing techniques.

One silk and one cotton scarf will be provided for the class. Please bring a notebook for your own personal notes. When dyeing we are definitely in the splash zone, so please choose your clothes and shoes accordingly. No prior knowledge of textiles or dyeing is required

We will be covering:

- Natural fiber selection and preparation

- Working with locally foraged, wild natural plant and flower dyes

- Basic Japanese Shibori & other tying and folding techniques

- Basic bundle-dyeing techniques
Participants will be able to take home their freshly dyed scarves and instructions for how to get started at home. Participants are encouraged to bring a small, clean, natural fiber garment (cotton, silk, wool, hemp..) to experiment with.